Our Phoenix machines use the unique combination of vacuum therapy and infrared heating to the safe level of 50 degrees to override the body’s natural behaviour during exercise in order to rapidly burn fat and eliminate cellulite from the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Not only do these machines give you fast effective results but also cause a powerful metabolic shift within your body to help your body to start burning fat more efficiently every day. As Well as the physical changes you experience you will also reduce the toxic load of your body with the effects of the infrared heating causing large amounts of detoxification, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, which also improves the appearance and health of your skin.

Our studio’s embody a mature modern design. In order to make your session enjoyable, all Phoenix machines are accompanied by their own Ipad which lets you enjoy Netflix, update your social media, or get those important emails done while you exercise and make your 30 minute session fly by. Come into Studio Phoenix and get clinically proven, rapid results while being surrounded in modern comfort while enjoying all the luxuries of entertainment.