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It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your journey holds, life is going to throw you curve balls. How you deal with them is what defines who you become.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your journey holds, life is going to throw you curve balls. How you deal with them is what defines who you become. No one teaches us in school how to deal with life’s challenges. It’s something that we must learn along the way.

Pinpointing Specific Areas

It’s often hard to pinpoint specific areas of our lives

we need to focus on to enable us to thrive and move forward. That is where holistic coaching differs from other forms of therapies.

Our sessions together are completely individual and tailored specifically to your needs. I will take a look at all areas of your life and focus on where you feel stuck or simply want to improve. We then work together to unpack what might be blocking you from moving forward.

Seeing Through The Fog

With Intuitive coaching, I help you see through the fog

I create a judgement free space and provide tools and strategies, to not only help break down your walls, but to allow you to move forward into a life where anything is possible.

I have been coaching for over 7 years and thoroughly understand the individual nature of every persons journey. One strategy, one idea,  and one theory does not fit for everyone. Holistic coaching provides you with ongoing support, motivation and accountability.

Topics We Address




Mental Health

Physical Health




Emotional Wellness



Life Purpose

In the last seven years I have helped my clients:

• Uncover reasons for weight gain and move past plateaus
• Create healthy and happy home and family environments
• Uncover limitless potential
• Discover new careers

• Let go of past relationships
• Discover their values and what drives them
• Successfully help them lose large amounts of weight
• Assist in injury rehabilitation

• Build lasting dietary habits
• Remove themselves from toxic environments and relationships
• Start and develop new businesses
• Move past financial burdens

• Create connections between emotional and physical body
• Recognise and change destructive patterns
• Change paralysing habits
• Organise and strategize their life situation

Meet Bree, Your Intuitive Health Coach

Bree is our Founder and Intuitive Health Coach here at Phoenix. She is trained in over one hundred dietary theories and uses this knowledge along with her experience to find the best fit for her client’s lifestyles. She is a firm believer that it’s not the same journey for everyone and that people must find their stride with her guidance to sustain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whilst her formal studies created a foundation, it is her ever-growing experience and intuitive and innovative coaching methods that really set her apart from other colleagues.

Kind Words

Bree is a really good listener. She is open about her own experiences and is often able to provide information/advice based on her own experience or the experience of others. (Confidentially of course) She is always reading/viewing new material to expand her knowledge and expertise. In my experience she has gone above and beyond. She often forwards me relevant/helpful ideas and information when she comes across it. You get such a personal experience with Bree. She takes the time to get to know you and understand you. I love the way she has such a gentle and empathetic approach but at the same time she doesn’t avoid asking difficult/ confronting questions. I always leave the studio feeling empowered and with food for thought. She encourages me to be a better version of me and is really good at reminding/affirming where I have come from and how much I have achieved. Bree is one of a kind.

Nicole W

Bree is full of knowledge. She has always been very informative and helpful when it comes to some old injuries I have. She is interested and always helping to find ways to give me relief from the pain I experience after years of dancing and teaching dance. She takes a genuine interest in my health and wellbeing. Bree always gives great advice, but her best skill is her ability to listen and understand me.Her service is like nothing I have experienced, in terms of her genuine interest in helping people. she is very welcoming from the moment you step in the door. She always checks in with you as to how your going and again, with genuine Interest. I have never had a coach or trainer take so much interest in how I’m doing and be so helpful. After my sessions with Bree I feel uplifted , inspired and happy.

Amazing coach in life, health and fitness.

Kylie V

Want more out of life?

Complimentary consultations can be arranged for Tuesday or Thursday either locally in the Studio or worldwide online via Zoom or Skype.

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