Our Phoenix machines contain the latest in vacuum and infrared technology that promotes proven targeted fat burning and cellulite elimination from your problem areas in a short space of time. There is not a more effective non-invasive treatment available on the market today that is clinically proven to rapidly burn fat and eliminate cellulite fast.

During your 30-minute session your body is exposed to many different changes that ultimately lead to a body that thrives on burning fat, this includes:

  • Increasing the blood supply and circulation to skin, fat and cellulite the lower body.
  • An increase in your metabolism and cellular activity due to an increased supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to these areas.
  • Rapidly detoxing the body to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, glycation and free radicals that keep you locked in sugar burning hell and heavily compromise the body’s ability to access and burn fat.
  • Improving lymphatic drainage and removing unwanted materials, waste and toxins from the body.
  • The reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress allows for a better environment for increased gut health.

Fat Loss

Conventional exercise and body-sculpting techniques cannot guarantee fat tissue elimination in problem areas such as the waist, hips, thighs or buttocks, otherwise known as spot reduction. However, Studio Phoenix has the solution you’ve been looking for. Eliminating fat from those problem areas is now fast, effective and easier than you ever thought possible. Furthermore it has been clinically proven that the average fuel consumption of fat during your session on our Phoenix device is about 76% higher than during exercise on a standard treadmill. When you are in one of our Phoenix capsule it literally forces your body to burn fat from the stomach down, and continues to burn fat for up to 4-6 hours.

Cellulite Elimination

Cellulite is known as a cosmetic condition, which affects almost 85-90% of women at some point in their lives and is even found in women who are slender and fit, however excessive weight results in more visible fatty tissue to protrude through the connective tissue. There is a difference in subcutaneous tissue between male and females, which is why females are more susceptible to having cellulite.

The trouble starts when the walls of connective tissue that separate these compartments start to thicken, becoming fibrous and rigid. This has the effect of squeezing the fat inside them causing the uneven contours of cellulite under the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker and get that “orange peel” look.

There is not a more effective non-invasive treatment available on the market today that is clinically proven to eliminate cellulite fast.


Everyday life exposes the body to large amounts of toxins through environmental chemicals in the things we breathe in, touch and consume which heavily disrupts the body’s normal physiology. These toxins, amongst many other things, compromise your body’s ability to detoxify toxins, produce vitamin D (brain health), depletes iron, and overwhelms your mitochondria which are your fat burning power houses.

Infrared heating causes rapid detoxification, which effectively means lowering the toxic load of the body. Our Phoenix thermal devices have infrared heating technology and emit infrared heat to a safe level of up to 50 degrees. This heat penetrates the skin to a depth of up to four centimeters, and is absorbed by the body. The result from this infrared rays warms the body and tissue, which dilate blood vessels. This is a process that effectively cleanses the body of harmful toxins that accumulate within deep tissue. This accumulation of toxins severely prohibits your body from burning fat effectively by:

  • Causing severe damage to your cell membranes through a process called inflammation, which reduces the effectiveness of your fat burning hormones.
  • Damaging hormone receptors, which prohibit the body’s “fat burning” messages to pass in and out of cells.
  • Damaging your fat-burning factories, the mitochondria, which are your body’s powerhouses for creating energy.
  • Overwhelming your body’s antioxidant factories that keep your mitochondria healthy.
  • Overwhelming your liver, which is the workhorse organ in the human body. The liver is your detoxification central that is responsible for producing one of your most powerful fat burning hormones, IGF-1.

Also active walks on our Phoenix devices cleanse your skin and subcutaneous tissues of these harmful toxins. This detoxification delays your skin’s ageing process, increases your skin’s health and also increases its firmness.

Increased Energy

Using our Phoenix machines you will notice an increase in you day-to-day energy levels. This is due to your body rapidly reducing its toxic load due to the detoxification of the infrared heating, which reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. Reducing these twin metabolic destroyers improves the health of your mitochondria, which are your body’s powerhouses for creating energy and are ground zero for fat burning. Also our services will result in a powerful metabolic shift that converts your body from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.

What does this mean and how do I get more energy from fat? When your metabolism runs on sugar you will feel lethargic, this is because burning sugar for fuel only yields between 2 and 36 molecules of ATP (Energy). Now when your body burns fat (fatty acids) for energy it produces 147 ATP molecules. Considering 95% of the fat in your body is made up of Triglycerides (contains 3 fatty acids) you yield 441 ATP molecules. Our Phoenix capsules and services help your body become a fat burner, and being a fat burner gives you a lot more energy.

Lymphatic Drainage/ Improved Circulation

The lymphatic system is a fluid passage system within the human body that is mainly responsible for the collection and circulation of toxins and waste products so that it can be removed. The reduction in toxins, waste and unwanted materials within the body allows for increased health and supports many systems in the body including immune, digestive, detoxification and the nervous system. This has a major impact on increased fat loss and cellulite elimination.

It is also critical to understand the unique connection between blood circulation and fat loss. During exercise your metabolic machinery, being your muscle tissue, requires energy to operate. By one means this energy is provided by the breakdown of free fatty acids. The body sources these fatty acids from fat reserves from areas of the body where the fat is most readily available due to better circulation, where blood is available as a transport medium.

During regular exercise the upper body experiences normal circulation, whereas the lower body doesn’t, so the upper body is the preferred source for supplying fatty acids during exercise. The layers of fat in the lower body are much thicker which also causes blood circulation to be compromised. This is why it is commonly noticeable that the upper body will lean down whilst the stubborn areas of fatty deposits and cellulite around the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks seem to remain untouched.

In order to overcome this and increase the fat burning and cellulite elimination processes, blood flow optimization is critical. Our Phoenix devices through the means of harnessing the latest in vacuum technology and infrared heating override the body’s natural behaviors. The unique combination of infrared heating and vacuum therapy activates and increases the natural process of blood circulation specifically in these problem areas and forces the body to utilize and rapidly burn fat and cellulite from the waist down. This is why the Phoenix device is leading in fat loss and cellulite elimination currently on the market.

Skin Appearance

Due to the increased blood circulation and increased lymphatic drainage during as active walk on our Phoenix thermal devices your skin and subcutaneous tissues are cleansed of harmful toxins which increases your skin’s health and also increases its firmness. Also another benefit from using our Phoenix device is the delaying of the skin aging process from re-nutrition and detoxification.