I lost 6 kg in 6 weeks with Phoenix and haven't felt this great since my boys were born 7 years ago

Diann Cannon"I lost 6 kg in 6 weeks"

I started at Phoenix on 8th January, really happy with the progress I'm making. In just over 5 weeks I've lost just over 6kg / 5cm from my waist, I have never seen the weight come off so quickly, all you have to o is walk for 30 mins each session.
Bree is super helpful and has given me some great food tips. I would defiantly recommend to anyone who is trying to lose a few kilos of any fitness level.

Jane Thew"I've never seen the weight come off so quickly"

"I have a condition called mesenteric adenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes in the abdomen) which is rare in adults. After spending the past couple of years struggling to find professionals to help or who even knew anything about it. I get flare ups which causes pain and stomach cramps and can be unexpected. They have been worsening of late with not much helping. After my first session at Studio Phoenix I felt instant relief which lasted a few hours. The second treatment the relief lasted a few days. Today was my third treatment and within a few minutes I could feel the vacuum working on shifting the lymph fluid in my abdomen to release the pain. I had a bad flare before the session and didn't want to go but the physical and instant vacuum relief is undeniable and I've found to be so much more effective and comfortable than a lymph massage. I'm excited to see how the continued treatments will help me and definitely recommend it to anyone with lymphatic drainage issues."

Elizabeth, 23Lymphatic Drainage

“I will be fighting in a charity boxing match next March, [i’ll be] doing a 3 month science experiment [using Phoenix]. My liver/kidney function is at 65% and my blood pressure is erratic. Im finding ways of removing toxins and resetting my body from all of the medications I’ve been on over the past 9 months. Fluid retention has been the worst in my life as I’m getting older. Im already noticing improvement likely hair is thickening up, skin has improved and my appetite is returning”

BronwynCancer Survivor

"I can highly recommend contacting the team at Studio Phoenix! Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, nutrition and body dynamics the Phoenix Capsule is one of a kind. Fat burning, cellulite reduction and increased circulation throughout my lower body. Fantastic results. Fast."

Jo Prince

“I absolutely love Studio Phoenix. I started going to Studio phoenix 3 weeks prior to going on holiday to help shift a couple of extra kg’s, as my body had plateaued from my normal gym routine. Jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes a couple of times a week definitely helped e achieve the extra 5kg loss i wanted. The owner, Bree is extremely lovely and very knowledgeable with health and wellbeing! ‘I’ Cannot wait to come back from holiday and get stuck back into it! Thanks Bree xx”

GeorgiaAge 24

When I first hear about Studio Phoenix it sounded to good to be true, burn unto 1500 calories in just half an hour by ONLY walking?! GTFO. So of course I had to try and its the best thing I've ever done. Only 30 minutes of my morning and I'm burning an average of 1400 calories and that doesn't include the calories burned throughout the day afterwards!
After my first week and a half I had dropped at least a full cm on every site during measurements (with my PT)!!! Stubborn fat that no amount of exercise or nutrition has been able to shift, is disappearing before my eyes. And there's NO RUNNING required! Bree (and Jo) you are a fridge god send

Sarah McDonald...Stubborn fat...disappearing before my eyes.

"Its like nothing else I have tried, it’s a treadmill, sauna and vacuum all in one, but in a great way. It starts moving those hard to lose kilos pretty quickly, and within a few sessions you start to feel really good, energised and fitter"

CraigAge 43

“I’ve had bloating and digestion problems for my whole life, always hated my stomach, always looked like I was bloated and sometimes even pregnant, [I’ve] never been happy with my stomach, always been lean everywhere else, but never my stomach. After using Phoenix ,I noticed within two weeks that the bloating had gone down, and now I’m finally having outlines of abs which I’ve never had in my life, ever, [even] after eating clean, training 5 days a week, I’ve never that that in my life”

JaydeAge 28

Im lost for words on what a difference I feel after joining the wonderful team at Phoenix. Not only are the machines absolutely incredible, leaving me feeling energetic, detoxified and most of all, losing stubborn fat. I am most thankful of the time and effort Bree spends with me, guiding me towards a better lifestyle. I will be forever grateful for this change and cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.

Katerina Diamond"Im lost for words on what a difference I feel"